Why Hydrate

Hydrate 500ml Water is sourced from the protected low mineral spring SANSSOUCI, where the water was deposited within a protected aquifer during the last (Elster) ice age in Northern Europe. Our majority paper cartons (at least 62% plant based material) are wholly recyclable and safely reusable once finished. The perfect 'grab and go' water solution for your event! 

Our water also has a near perfect neutral pH balance. Please see below for the latest analysis:

Bicarbonate (HCO3) - 218

Potassium (K) - 1,6

Calcium (Ca) - 93,4

Nitrate (NO3)  <0,3 (trace) 

Sulphate (SO4)  65

Nitrite (NO2) - <0,005 (trace)

Chloride (Cl) - 37

Magnesium (Mg) - 9

Sodium (Na) - 12

pH Balance - 6.92

TDS @ 180oC (ppm) -  399 (low)