Hydrate Water Information

Hydrate majority paper cartons (at least 62% plant based material) are wholly recyclable and safely reusable once finished. The perfect 'grab and go' water solution for your event! Our cartons are made from a renewable raw material - paperboard, which is produced using mainly renewable energy. The Hydrate Water cartons carry the FSC stamp of approval to show that the timber used to produce the paperboard is from FSC certified forests and other controlled sources. Furthermore Hydrate Water cartons are lightweight, transport efficient, recyclable and can preserve the water at ambient temperatures without the need for preservatives or refrigeration. They also contain micro thin layers of non-leaching plastic which provide a water-tight barrier and sealing function on both the inside and outside of the carton (stopping the carton from going soggy!).

Our special long life cartons also contain a very thin layer of aluminium (which is thinner than a human hair) which makes them excellent at helping keep out harmful oxygen and acts as an extra barrier to light. This is important because exposure to light and air (oxygen) can cause loss to natural taste, colour, smell and nutritional value.

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